About Us

FinancialContent Services, Inc. operates a cloud-based platform to assist emerging companies and established enterprises handle their financial data needs.

What We Do

The CloudQuote platform makes it easy to build web, mobile, and desktop apps that use financial data. Our platform is unique in that it combines high quality APIs, data, and visualizations from different sources, providing both easy integration and enormous flexibility, empowering media sites, financial analysts, financial advisors, hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks with all the tools needed to build immersive financial products.

Data Warehousing

Using the CloudQuote platform, all of your financial data exists in our Virtual Data Warehouse - offering a blended view of data which physically resides in different geolocations, in different formats, which are merged on demand into a single unified data stream, accessible in any location you need it.

Visualize Your Data

CloudQuote works with leading visualization partners to create compelling and easy to administer financial tools and views, which leverage our data warehouse technology to access wide swaths of data residing in multiple locations, without the typical burdens of databasing and storage of data.

How We Started

CloudQuote is a leading providers of corporate data, business news and information. We have made it our mission to provide an ever-expanding one-stop marketplace for data and content from the world’s top tier data providers. We believe that data is the future. We work to empower individuals and organizations to make more informed decisions as cloud based data plays a greater role in everything we do. CloudQuote incorporates data into your strategy for the future.