By Barchart

    The getEarningsEstimates API provides per share earnings estimates on public companies for quarterly and annual periods based on symbol.

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    fields Additional fields requested. string
    symbols A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. Multiple symbols separated by a comma may be used. string

    Response Fields

    Field Description Data Type
    averageEstimate The average estimated earnings per share based on all analysts. double
    currentQtrExpectedReportDate The expected report date for the most recent quarter. date
    declarationDate Date when dividend info was annouced. date
    dividendRate Last dividend payout amount. double
    dividendStatus Whether the dividend data is late or not. string
    dividendType Type of dividend payout. string
    exDividendDate The last possible date to have owned shares of a stock and still be entitled to the associated dividend. date
    expectedEarningsSource The source of the expected earnings report date. string
    expectedEarningsStatus Whether the expected earnings information is late or not. string
    growthRateEstimate The estimated growth rate in earnings based off of the average estimate (year-over-year). double
    highEstimate The highest earnings per share estimate amount. double
    indicatedAnnualDvnd The indicated annual dividend per share for given instrument. double
    lowEstimate The lowest earnings per share estimate amount. double
    numAnalysts The number of analysts providing earnings estimates. int
    paymentDate The dividend payment date. date
    period The period, either quarter or annual, that the estimate pertains to. For example, Q42013 or FY122013. string
    priorYear The average earnings per share estimated last year. double
    recordDate Date when dividend info was reported date
    symbol A symbol or code that identifies the futures contract. string
    symbolName The full name of the instrument. string

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