The getBalanceSheets API provides access to public company financial balance sheets based on symbol.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Data Type
count The number of Quarterly or Annual periods of financial statements to return.
frequency The frequency of financial statement reporting, either Quarterly ("Quarter") or Annually ("Annual").
rawData Return raw data, otherwise sales, costs, expenses, tax, and income data is displayed in thousands.
symbols A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. Multiple symbols separated by a comma may be used.

Response Fields

Field Description Data Type
accountsPayable The amount of payables outstanding. double
accruedExpenses Expenses that have already been accrued. double
cash Money that is immediately available to a company. double
commonShares The par or stated value of shares outstanding. double
date The date of the financial statement. date
deferredIncomeTax Income tax that has been deferred. double
deferredLongRevenues Revenue deferred for more than one-year. double
equityOtherInvestments The value of company equity and other investments. double
incomeTaxPayable The amount of income tax outstanding. double
intangibles The value of intangible assets. double
inventories The value of inventory on hand. double
longTermDebt Debt due in more than one-year. double
marketableSec Liquid securities that can be converted to cash. double
otherCurrentAssets Miscellaneous current assets. double
otherCurrentLiabilities Miscellaneous current liabilities. double
otherEquity Miscellaneous equity. double
otherNonCurrentAssets Miscellaneous non-current assets. double
otherNonCurrentLiabilities Miscellaneous non-current liabilities. double
ppeNet The net value of property, plant and equipment. double
prepaidExpenses A type of asset that arises on a balance sheet as a result of business making payments for goods and services to be received in the near future. double
receivables The amount of receivables due to a company. double
retainedEarnings Earnings retained by the company. double
shorttermDebt Debt due within one year. double
symbol A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. string
totalAssets The sum of all assets. double
totalCurrentAssets The total amount of current assets. double
totalCurrentLiabilities The total amount of current liabilities. double
totalLiabilities The sum of all liabilities. double
totalLiabilitiesAndEquity The sum of total liabilties and shareholder's equity. double
totalNonCurrentAssets The total amount of non-current assets. double
totalNonCurrentLiabilities The total amount of non-current liabilities. double
totalShareholdersEquity The total vlaue of sharehoolder's equity. double

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