Query Parameters:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
ticker The symbol of the ETF to retrieve String

JSON Response:

The response is an object, containing the following keys:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
rows A collection of rows Array of Object
rows[...] A single row Object

Fields in rows[...] Object:

Field Data Type
AgriculturalType String
AsiaSubGroup String
AssetClass String
AssetClassNew String
AverageMaturity String
BaseCurrency String
BloombergSymbol String
BondCurrencyDenomination String
BondType String
BroaderIndexFamily String
BuildAmericaBonds String
CUSIP String
ChinaListingLocation String
CleanEnergyType String
CommodityTypes String
CompositeName String
CompositeTicker String
Continent String
CreditQuality String
CrossSectorTheme String
CurrencyHedged String
CurrencyPair String
DerivativesBased String
DevelopedEmerging String
DistributionFees Number
DistributionFrequency String
DividendType String
DividendWeightingType String
Domicile String
DynamicFuturesRoll String
ETFDescription String
ETFPortfolioTurnover Number
ETFType String
ETFTypeSpecific String
ETNIssuingBank String
ETNMaturityDate String
ETPStructureType String
EconomicDevelopment String
EnergyType String
EuropeSubGroup String
ExFinancials String
ExSP500 String
ExTechnology String
ExchangeCode String
ExchangeName String
FeeWaivers String
FloatingRate String
FundFamily String
FundListingDate String
FundamentalWeightingType String
GeographicExposure String
GeographicExposureType String
GovernmentBondTypes String
GrossExpenseRatio Number
GrowthType String
GrowthValueTilt String
HedgeFundType String
HighQuality String
HoldsADRs String
HoldsClosedEndFunds String
HoldsMLPs String
HoldsOnlyNYSEStocks String
HoldsOnlyNasdaqStocks String
HoldsPreferredStock String
ISIN String
InceptionDate Date String
IncludesShortExposure String
IndexFamily String
IndexLinked String
IndexName String
IndexProvider String
IndexProviderCode String
IndexTicker String
IndexWeightingScheme String
Industry String
IndustryGroup String
IntradayNAVTicker String
InverseLeveraged String
IssuingEntity String
IssuingEntityCountryCode String
Laddered String
LatinAmericaSubGroup String
LegalStructure String
Level1 String
Level2 String
Level3 String
ListingCountryCode String
ListingCurrency String
Livestock String
ManagementFees String
MarketCapRange String
MarketCapWeightingType String
MetalType String
MortgageBondTypes String
MunicipalBondRegion String
MunicipalVRDO String
NaturalResourcesType String
NetExpenseRatio Number
OtherAssetTypes String
OtherFundExpenses Number
OtherQuantModels String
ParentIndex String
PrimaryTickerBloomberg String
QuantStrategiesType String
RIC String
RealEstate String
RegionalGroup String
RegisteredCountries String
RegularDividendPayorType String
ReplicationStructure String
Sector String
Sedol Number
Share_Class_FIGI String
SmartBetaType String
SocialEnvironmentalType String
SpecializedRegion String
SpecificCountry String
SpecificMaturityYear Number
Sponsor String
SubIndustry String
TargetDateMultiAssetType String
UCITS String
USBondTaxStatus String
USMarketCapCoverage String
USState String
USorExUS String
ValueType String
ZeroCoupon String

About the Vendor

First Bridge provides institutional quality data feeds and analytics on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) globally.