The getCashFlow API provides information about cash flow, income and cash equivalents of publicly traded companies.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Data Type
fields The fields requested.
symbols A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. Multiple symbols separated by a comma may be used.

Response Fields

Field Description Data Type
accountsPayable double
accountsReceivable double
capitalExpenditure double
cashAtBeginningOfPeriod double
cashAtEndOfPeriod double
changeInDeposits double
changeInDepositsWithBank double
changeInShortTermBorrowing double
commonStockIssued double
commonStockRepurchased double
debtIssued double
debtRepayment double
deferredIncomeTax double
depreciationAndAmortization double
dividendPaid double
effectOfExchangeRateChanges double
freeCashFlow double
investmentsInProperty double
loans double
netAcquisitions double
netCashFromOperatingActivities double
netCashProvidedByFinancingActivities double
netCashUsedForInvestingActivities double
netChangeInCash double
netChangeInLoans double
netIncome double
operatingCashFlow double
otherFinancingActivity double
otherInvestingActivity double
otherOperatingActivities double
otherWorkingCapital double
period string
purchasesAndSaleOfIntangibles double
purchasesOfInvestments double
salesOfInvestments double
symbol string

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