The getQuote API is to request stock price data by symbol

Query Parameters:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
symbol One or more symbols to look up, separated by commas. (ex: GOOG,AAPL) String

JSON Response:

The response is an object, containing the following keys:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
rows A collection of quote results, in the same order as the symbols requested Array of Object
rows[...] A single stock quote Object

Fields in rows[...] Object:

Field Meaning Data Type
Ask Latest Asking Price Number
AskSize Latest Asking Price Size Number
AverageVolume Average Volume (arbitrary time period) Number
AvgVolume1M Average Volume (Trailing 1 Month) Number
AvgVolume1W Average Volume (Trailing 1 Week) Number
AvgVolume3M Average Volume (Trailing 3 Month) Number
AvgVolume52 Average Volume (Trailing 52 Weeks) Number
AvgVolume6M Average Volume (Trailing 5 Month) Number
AvgVolumeYTD Average Volume (Since Jan 1) Number
Bid Latest Bid Price Number
BidSize Latest Bid Price Size Number
Change Daily Price Change Number
ChangePercent Daily Price Change in Percent Number
ChartEndTime The time to end a chart of this security at Unix Epoch Time
ChartStartTime The time to start a chart of this security at Unix Epoch Time
Delay Delay in minutes for the exchange Number
EPS Earnings Per Share Number
ExchangeName Name of Exchange String
ExchangeShortName Short Name of Exchange String
High Today's High price Number
High1M High Price (Trailing 1 Month) Number
High1W High Price (Trailing 1 Week) Number
High3M High Price (Trailing 3 Month) Number
High52 High Price (Trailing 52 Weeks) Number
High6M High Price (Trailing 6 Month) Number
HighYTD High Price (Since Jan 1) Number
LastTradeTime Time of Last Trade Unix Epoch Time
Low Today’s Low Price Number
Low1M Low Price (Trailing 1 Month) Number
Low1W Low Price (Trailing 1 Week) Number
Low3M Low Price (Trailing 3 Month) Number
Low52 Low Price (Trailing 52 Weeks) Number
Low6M Low Price (Trailing 6 Month) Number
LowYTD Low Price (Since Jan 1) Number
Name Security Name String
NominalCurrencyCode Code Name of Nominal Currency (ex. USD) String
NominalCurrencyName "Pretty" Name of Nominal Currency (ex. “US Dollar”) String
Open Today's Open price Number
PrevClose Closing Price from the previous trading day Number
Price Latest price for the security Number
SecurityTypeCode Code Name of Security Type (ex. STOCK,FUND, etc.) String
SecurityTypeName “Pretty” Name of Security Type (ex. “Stock”, “Mutual Fund”, etc.) String
SharesOutstanding Shares Outstanding Number
ShortName Short Security Name String
StartingPrice1M Starting Price (Trailing 1 Month) Number
StartingPrice1W Starting Price (Trailing 1 Week) Number
StartingPrice3M Starting Price (Trailing 3 Month) Number
StartingPrice52 Starting Price (Trailing 52 Weeks) Number
StartingPrice6M Starting Price (Trailing 6 Month) Number
StartingPriceYTD Starting Price (Since Jan 1) Number
Symbol Primary Symbol (may be different than requested symbol) String
SymbolID Symbol Identifier (FinancialContent unique ID) String
Volume Today's Cumulative Volume Number
HolidayName Name of holiday, if today is a holiday for this security, or null/non-existant otherwise String

About the Vendor

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