Retrieves popular calculated financial statistics for a security

Query Parameters:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
symbol One symbols to look up (ex: GOOG) string

JSON Response:

  • The response is an object, containing the following keys:
Parameter Meaning Data Type
rows A collection of security stats Array of Array
rows[...] Stats on an individual security Array
columns The list of column names which correspond to each row Array of String


  • Please make sure to reference the columns array when parsing the data - do not assume that the data in the rows will always be in a particular order.
Name Meaning
1WeekPerformanceVsDow 1 Week Percentage Change vs DOW Percentage Change
1WeekPerformanceVsNasdaqComposite 1 Week Percentage Change vs Nasdaq Percentage Change
1WeekPerformanceVsSP500 1 Week Percentage Change vs S&P 500 Percentage Change
1YearChange 1 Year Change in Price
1YearHigh 1 Year High
1YearLow 1 Year Low
1YearPerformanceVsDow 1 Year Percentage Change vs DOW Percentage Change
1YearPerformanceVsNasdaqComposite 1 Year Percentage Change vs Nasdaq Percentage Change
1YearPerformanceVsSP500 1 Year Percentage Change vs S&P 500 Percentage Change
AverageVolume1Week 1 Week Average Volume
AverageVolume3Month 3 Month Average Volume
BookValue Book Value (mrq)
BookValuePerShare Book Value Per Share (mrq)
CurrentRatio Current Ratio (mrq)
DilutedEPS Diluted EPS (mrq)
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (ttm)
EnterpriseValue Enterprise Value (mrq)
EnterpriseValueToEBITDA Enterprise Value (mrq) / EBITDA (ttm)
EnterpriseValueToRevenue Enterprise Value (mrq) / Revenue (ttm)
FiscalYearEnd Date when the current fiscal year ends
FreeCashFlow Free Cash Flow (ttm)
GrossProfit Gross Profit (ttm)
MarketCap Shares Outstanding (mrq) * Price (daily)
MostRecentQuarter Date of Most Recent Quarter
OperatingCashFlow Operation Cash Flow (ttm)
OperatingMargin Operating Margin (ttm)
PayoutRatio Payout Ratio (daily)
PriceToBook Price (daily) / Book Value (mrq)
PriceToSales Price (daily) / Sales (ttm)
ProfitMargin Profit Margin (ttm)
QuarterlyEarningsGrowth Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy)
QuarterlyRevenueGrowth Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy)
ReturnOnAssets Return on Assets (ttm)
ReturnOnEquity Return on Equity (ttm)
Revenue Revenue (ttm)
RevenuePerShare Revenue (ttm) / Shares Outstanding (mrq)
SharesOutstanding Shares Outstanding (mrq)
TotalCash Total Cash (mrq)
TotalCashPerShare Total Cash (mrq) / Shares Outstanding (mrq)
TotalDebt Total Debt (mrq)
TotalDebtToEquity Total Debt (mrq) / Total Equity (mrq)
TrailingAnnualDividendRate Trailing Annual Dividend Rate (mrq)
TrailingAnnualDividendYield Trailing Annual Dividend Rate (mrq) / Price (daily)
TrailingPE Price (daily) / Earnings Per Share (mrq)

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