The getSignals API returns the signals for each as-of timestamp included in the range of dates supplied to the query. This signal can be queried in periods with a maximum range of 31 days. The default query returns signals for the current day.

Query Parameters

Parameter Meaning
from_date (optional) The beginning date of the date range query in YYYY-MM-DD format (defaults to current start-of-day)
to_date (optional) The ending date of the date range query in YYYY-MM-DD format (defaults to current-end-of day

Response Fields

An array of signal objects having the following properties:

Field Description
release_id The unique identifier for the release to which the signal corresponds
cusip The CUSIP number to identify the company and/or its underlying security
ticker The ticker/symbol for the company
fiscal_year The fiscal year of the associated release
fiscal_quarter The fiscal quarter of the associated release
release_date The earnings report datetime of the release
as_of The timestamp of the signal
signal_type The signal type: pre or post earnings release
signal The floating point value of the signal (-100 to +100)