getPriceChart allows you to generate intraday & historical stock charts in PNG and SVG format

Query Parameters:

Parameter Meaning Data Type
T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
width Total image (canvas) width in px string
height Total image (canvas) height in px string
interval Number of chart days to show (1 = Intraday, > 1 = historical) string
symbol Comma-delimited list of stock symbols string
shwidth Chart and footer box bg shadow/extrusion thickness in px string
fillalpha Filled area chart translucency in percent string
fillshx Area chart fill shadow x offset in px (positive = east) string
fillshx Area chart fill shadow y offset in px (positive = south) string
fillsha Area chart fill shadow alpha string
ibcolor Canvas background color string
bgcolor Price region background color string
bvcolor Volume region background color string
arcolor Filled area chart color, ignored if a gradient is used string
lncolor Comma-delimited list of value line colors, corresponding to tickers string
brcolor Price & volume graph border & tick color string
shcolor Price & volume graph shadow/extrude color string
grcolor Price & volume graph grid line color (major) string
gmcolor Price & volume graph grid line color (minor) string
txcolor Text color for axis labels, attribution, etc., and tickers if legend is outside chart string
itcolor Ticker symbol legend text color if legend is inside chart string
gtcolor Filled area chart gradient color (top/left) string
gbcolor Filled area chart gradient color (bottom/right) string


The response is an image, in either SVG or PNG format as requested

About the Vendor

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