Insider Actions data comprehensively includes all such transactions by insiders in U.S. listed companies.

About the API

Company insiders include officers, directors and those with a greater than 10% ownership interest in the company. Timely knowledge of actions by these insiders is critically important because they possess the advantage of information over other investors. Our Insider Actions data set provides up to the minute current information on buy/sell/exchange activity by company insiders as well as comprehensive historical information for researching trends.

Data Included:

  • Up to date insider information for all companies filing with the SEC.
  • Comprehensive current data on all insider transactions, updated daily, including:
  • Transactions by officers.
  • Transactions by directors.
  • Transactions by large shareholders (greater than 10%).
  • Date of the transaction.
  • Type of transaction (buy, sell or exchange)
  • Value of the transaction
  • Summary of Insider Holdings
  • 3+ year history of all transactions.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Data Type
symbol A symbol or code that identifies the security String

Response Fields

Field Description Data Type
Insider Name of insider String
CIK CIK for the insider Number
Role Role of the insider in the company String
Transaction Code Transaction Code for the insider action String
Transaction Date Transaction Date for the insider action Date String (YYYY-MM-DD)
Shares Shares traded in this action Number
Price Range Price Range shares were traded at String
Aquired/Disposal Whether shares were Aquired/Disposal String
D/I Own Whether ownership is Direct or Indirect String
Total Holdings Total Holdings of this security Number
Filing Link to filing where action was disclosed URI String

About the Vendor

Sage Data Service was founded on the concept of making financial data more available, more transparent and more affordable. We are based in San Francisco and also have an office in Youngstown, Ohio.

Our founders and investors have decades of experience in the financial industry having founded Sage Clearing Corporation (acquired by ABN-AMRO in 1998), the broker-dealer Preferred Capital Markets (acquired by Fimat in 2005) and having acquired Revere Data, LLC (sold to FactSet in 2013). Our management team includes the former Chairman and CEO of Revere Data and a CFA Charterholder. Our advisory board includes the former Acting Chairman of the Pacific Stock Exchange.

Our objective is to leverage XBRL and our proprietary technology to deliver the most accurate data to our customers at affordable prices. Every piece of data presented is reviewed by an analyst based in the United States according to strictly defined processes to ensure that our data sets the standard for accuracy.

Our Research Platform provides professional-grade tools to retail investors, while our Data Feeds deliver timely information to our customers. We seek to fill the needs of all customers including active traders, market analysts, fund managers, corporate competitive intelligence analysts, broker-dealers, online trading platforms, investment thought leaders and academic institutions at the most affordable price point on the market.