By Barchart

    The getFinancialRatios API provides key financial ratios for equities based on symbol. Up to 8 years of financial ratios are available.

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    fields The fields requested.
    symbols A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument.

    Response Fields

    Field Description Data Type
    bookValue Total assets less intangible assets and liabilities. double
    debtEquity Total debt divided by equity. double
    dividendPayout The percentage of net income a firm pays to its shareholders as dividends. double
    eps Earnings per share, calculated by dividing the total net income by the company's outstanding shares. double
    interestCoverage A measurement of a company's ability to pay interest on outstanding debt. double
    priceBook Market capitalization divided by total book value. double
    priceEarnings Stock price divided by earnings per share. double
    priceSales Market capitalization divided by revenue. double
    profitMargin Net profit divided by revenue, expressed as a percentage. double
    roa Net income divided by total assets, expressed as a percentage. double
    roe Net income divided by shareholder equity, expressed as a percentage. double
    symbol A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. string

    About the Vendor

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