By PRConnect

    Retrieves a tracking report for a news article

    Query Parameters:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string Unique identifier for the article String Unique identifier for the provider who issued the article Unsigned Integer

    JSON Response:

    The response is an array, containing objects with the following keys:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    articleTitle The headline for the article page on the publishers site String
    articleLink A link to the article on publishers site URI String
    articleDate The publication date of the article Date & Time - ISO 8601
    publisherName The name of the publisher String
    publisherURI The URI of the publishers main website URI String
    publisherGroup The group that the publisher belongs to - parent company, brand affiliation, etc. String
    publisherType The type of publisher String
    publisherLocation The location of the publisher Object The city the publisher primarily operates in String The country the publisher primarily operates in String
    publisherLocation.state The state the publisher primarily operates in String
    publisherLogoURI The logo for the publisher URI String
    publisherVertical The vertical the publisher operates in String
    syndicatedVia The syndication network which this publisher is connected through String

    About the Vendor

    PRConnect provides news & press release syndication services to clients in the PR industry