By Brave New Coin

    The Daily Bitcoin index price in US dollars. The index is calculated from the underlying trade data from each exchange included in the tick period.

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    from Timestamp for start of data output range Numeric (Unix Epoch Time)
    to Timestamp for the end of data output output range Numeric (Unix Epoch Time)

    Response Fields

    Field Description Data Type
    timestamp The UNIX timestamp for each tick in the dataset. A BLX tick occurs every 30 seconds at :00 and :30. The first data entry is for 1279411200 i.e. '2010-07-18 00:00:00' UTC. Number (Unix Epoch Time)
    open The opening for the BLX. The opening time is at 00:00:00 Number
    high The high for the BLX Number
    low The low for the BLX Number
    close The closing for the BLX. The closing time is at 23:59:59 Number
    volume_usd The total volume of Bitcoin traded in the tick period for all the exchanges included. Number
    vwap The volume weighted average in US dollars of the BLX ticks that day. Number
    twap The time-weighted average in US dollars of the BLX ticks that day. Number

    About the Vendor

    Brave New Coin (BNC) is a leading data & research provider in the exponential Digital Assets & Blockchain industry. BNC tracks and standardizes market, network and industry information to deliver high quality news, rates, indices, analytics and insights to a global client base.

    We build industry benchmarks and custom indices for tracking crypto-currencies and other digital assets. Our range of index solutions powers a growing number of investment and exchange traded products.

    Whether you require global market spots for price discovery or reference rates for performance attribution, BNC has an index solution to meet your needs.