By First Bridge

    Get NAV, Close Price, Shares Outstanding, Return calculations, Volume Traded and Beta for a given ETF

    Query Parameters:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
    ticker The symbol of the ETF to retrieve String

    JSON Response:

    The response is an object, containing the following keys:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    rows A collection of rows Array of Object
    rows[...] A single row Object

    Fields in rows[...] Object:

    Field Data Type
    AsofDate Date String
    AverageDailyVolumeOneMonth Number
    AverageDailyVolumeSixMonth Number
    AverageDailyVolumeThreeMonth Number
    BetavsSPY Number
    CompositeTicker String
    FiveYearAnnualizedReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    FiveYearAnnualizedReturnSplitOnly Number
    FiveYearVolatilityAnnualized Number
    InceptionAnnualizedReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    InceptionAnnualizedReturnSplitOnly Number
    MarketCap Number
    NAV Number
    OneMonthReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    OneMonthReturnSplitOnly Number
    OneYearReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    OneYearReturnSplitOnly Number
    OneYearVolatilityAnnualized Number
    ShareOutstanding Number
    SplitAndDividendPrice Number
    SplitOnlyPrice Number
    TenYearAnnualizedReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    TenYearAnnualizedReturnSplitOnly Number
    ThreeYearAnnualizedReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    ThreeYearAnnualizedReturnSplitOnly Number
    ThreeYearVolatilityAnnualized Number
    VolumeTraded Number
    Week52High Number
    Week52Low Number
    Y1ReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    Y1ReturnSplitOnly Number
    Y2ReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    Y2ReturnSplitOnly Number
    Y3ReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    Y3ReturnSplitOnly Number
    Y4ReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    Y4ReturnSplitOnly Number
    Y5ReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    Y5ReturnSplitOnly Number
    YTDReturnSplitAndDividend Number
    YTDReturnSplitOnly Number

    About the Vendor

    First Bridge provides institutional quality data feeds and analytics on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) globally.