By ETFGlobal

    Retrieves the industry profile for an ETF, including detailed sector based exposure data

    Query Parameters:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
    symbol The symbol of the ETF to retrieve String
    date The date to retrieve either a specific date or "current" for the latest data Date String - YYYY-MM-DD

    JSON Response:

    The response is an object, containing the following keys:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    rows A collection of rows Array of Object
    rows[...] A single row Object

    Fields in rows[...] Object:

    Field Data Type
    run_date Date String
    composite_ticker String
    issuer String
    name String
    inceptiondate Date String
    related_index String
    tax_classification String
    is_etn Number
    fund_aum String
    avg_volume String
    asset_class String
    category String
    focus String
    development_level String
    region String
    is_leveraged Number
    leverage_factor Unknown
    active Number
    administrator String
    advisor Unknown
    custodian Unknown
    distributor String
    portfolio_manager Unknown
    subadvisor Unknown
    transfer_agent String
    trustee String
    futures_commission_merchant Unknown
    fiscal_year_end String
    distribution_frequency String
    listing_exchange String
    creation_unit_size String
    creation_fee String
    geographic_exposure String
    currency_exposure String
    sector_exposure String
    industry_group_exposure String
    industry_exposure String
    subindustry_exposure String
    coupon_exposure String
    maturity_exposure String
    option_available Number
    option_volume String
    short_interest String
    put_call_ratio Unknown
    num_constituents String
    discount_premium String
    bid_ask_spread String
    put_vol String
    call_vol String
    management_fee String
    other_expenses String
    total_expenses String
    fee_waivers String
    net_expenses String
    lead_market_maker String
    security_type String

    About The Vendor

    ETF Global® (ETFG®) is a leading, independent provider of data, research, investment decision support applications, proprietary risk analytics and educational offerings for Exchange-Traded-Products. The ETFG research platform, which is driven by the ETFG Multi-Factor, Quantitative Model (ETFG Quant), supports the overall investment process with a variety of strategies and applications to pursue return, manage risk, utilize investment analysis and generate investment ideas.

    ETF Global services three primary client communities:

    Investment Professionals: Financial Intermediaries, Financial Advisors, Investment Consultants, Financial Planners, Insurance Professionals, Annuity Professionals, Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Private Bankers, Private Wealth Managers

    Capital and Middle Markets: Capital Markets Desks, Trading Desks, Execution Management Systems, Order Management Systems, Algorithmic Trading Firms, Liquidity Providers

    Institutional Investors: Asset Owners and Managers, Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies, Broker-Dealers, Private Banks

    Founded in 2011, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in both New York City and Pittsburgh, PA. More information about ETF Global and our services, applications and products is available throughout our site, here at

    The ETFG® Quant Model The research platform is driven by the company’s proprietary Quantitative Model which harnesses the power of algorithms within "Big Data." With roots in Machine Learning, 2016 marked a quantum leap for the firm as it deployed its first elements of Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks within the ETFG® Quant Model.

    The universe of equity ETFs reviewed by ETFG Quant represents the broadest range of industry groups, sectors and geographic regions. The ETFG Quant model assigns a daily ranking to all relevant products using proprietary algorithms and employing dozens of industry metrics to gauge how likely an equity ETF will outperform the market in the foreseeable future. ETFG Quant has four primary drivers within the model: Behavioral Finance (Technical Analysis & Sentiment), Fundamental Analysis, Global Themes and Quality.