By Estimize

    The getEconomicIndicatorsByIdEstimates returns the estimates for releases of the economic indicator specified by id.

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Meaning
    id The unique identifier for the economic indicator
    year (optional) Returns estimates on releases that occurred during the specified year
    period (optional) Returns estimates on releases for the specified period. Unless combined with year, will return estimates from all available years

    Response Fields

    An array of economic_indicator_estimate objects with the following properties:

    Field Description
    id The unique identifier for the estimate
    value The user's estimated value for the release
    percent_change The percent change of the value versus the comparison period actual
    analyst_id The unique identifier for the author of the estimate
    username The current username of the author of the estimate, which can change
    year The year in which the the release occurred
    period The order of the estimate's release's occurrence within the year, one of 1 through the economic indicator's reports_per_year
    created_at The time that the estimate was created
    flagged A boolean value which indicates whether we have flagged this estimate internally as erroneous (spam, etc)